Over 2000 homeless and abandoned animals each year find a new home through our shelter, we can use your help!

We receive no federal, state, or local government funding for our Animal Shelter. We are not associated with the Humane Society of the United States and don't get any funding from them. Please consider making a donation today to help us save lives of homeless animals.

We can do our work only because of the ongoing support we receive from people like you. Through the financial support we receive from the community, we are able to save the lives of countless pets, give them the nourishment and vaccines they need, and give them the best possible life until they find their forever homes.

The Panhandle Humane Society is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization. We rely almost exclusively on donations for all of our pet food, towels, cleaning supplies and more. With your tax deductible financial contributions, we are able to buy the required vaccines every one of our animals receive when they arrive in the shelter, safeguarding their health as well as the health of all the animals already residing in the shelter. If you prefer to donate supplies, please check out our wishlist.