Pet Cremations

The loss of a pet is a heartbreaking time for many pet owners. Although we do not euthanize for the public, PHS offers both private and general cremations for all companions if owners so choose. Pets must be dropped off at PHS. The process takes 1-2 weeks as we also do cremations for Mitchell Valley Animal Hospital, Midtown Animal Hospital, and Goshen Veterinary Clinic.

Cremations and paw prints must be paid in full at the time of dropoff. If unable to pay the full amount and private cremation is wanted, the equivalent general cremation must be paid at the time of dropoff. If the remainder of the private cremation balance is not paid within 5 days, then the animal will be treated as a general cremation, and no ashes will be received.

Cremains are held for 90 days at PHS upon completion. Owners are called when the cremation is complete. 

Cremation Fees


  • Private (ashes are given to the owner in a metal urn):
    Under 50 pounds -   $95.00
    50 to 85 pounds -$120.00
    86 to 120 pounds -   $140.00
    121 to 150 pounds - $190.00

  • General (no ashes are returned):
    Under 50 pounds -   $75.00
    50 to 85 pounds -$80.00
    86 to 120 pounds -   $90.00
    121 to 150 pounds - $115.00

    Over 150 pounds is an additional $2.00 per pound.
    Prices do not include tax.


  • Private  $80.00
  • General $55.00

Other Small Animal (bird, hamster, guinea pig):

  • Private  $50.00
  • General $30.00

*Urns provided for all private cremations*

We can also provide a paw print (prices range from $5.00 to $25.00) whether you choose a private or general cremation.

Cremations and paw prints can be shipped upon request. The cost for shipping is $40.00 due to postal requirements to ship cremains using Express service.