Rehome your pet

The decision to surrender a companion is never an easy one. We here at Panhandle Humane Society work hard to ensure every animal in our care, regardless of circumstance, is treated with kindness, love, and respect.

If, for any reason, an owner feels the need to surrender their pet, they are welcome here at Panhandle Humane Society as space and resources allow. We are required to maintain available space for stray animals that are brought in by the police or the public. We ask that you only consider surrendering your pet to our shelter as a last resort after you have exhausted all other options. These options may include training or rehoming your pet yourself. One option is Rehome through Adopt-a-Pet, and there is more information below. You can also rehome your pet through Facebook on Scotts Bluff County Rehoming Animals, and there is a link on this page below as well.

In order to ensure resources are ready and available when a pet arrives, Panhandle Humane Society requires a scheduled surrender appointment. Without an appointment process, we would have no control over the number of pets that come into our care each day, and our ability to provide the best possible care for each animal would be hindered. Please call (308) 635-0922.

Suggested Surrender Donation:

  • Scotts Bluff County Residents:
    • $35.00 for Dogs
    • $30.00 for Cats
  • All other Areas:
    • $55.00 for Dogs
    • $35.00 for Cats
  • Litters:
    • $50 per Litter of 2-7 puppies/kittens, and $10 for each additional over 7.

This donation is used to help with the costs of care for your pet.

Rehome Your Own Pet

Rehome Pet Relocator

Rehoming your pet should be easy and stress free both for you and your pet. The experts at, the largest non-profit pet adoption website, with support from The Petco Foundation, have created a simple, reliable, free program to help you place your pet from your loving home directly to another. It's simple and easy to use with just a few steps

  1. Create a Pet Profile - Get your pets posted on to be seen by millions of pet adopters.
  2. Review Applications - The dedicated team at Rehome will give you all the help you need to select the best potential adopters.
  3. Meet Adopters - The Rehome team will guide you through the process of setting safe and pressure-free meetings with applicants.
  4. Finalize Adoption - Rehome will provide you with an adoption contract to protect the transfer of your pet ownership.

You may need to enter the code for Panhandle Humane Society Code, which is 78666.

Go To Rehome Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge to bring animals in?

We do not charge to bring in a stray animal.

We do charge for animal surrenders. This helps offset the cost of caring for the animal until they are adopted. We also charge for feral cats that are brought in. This also helps pay for their care while they are at the shelter.

How long do you keep an animal?

We hold stray animals for 3 business days (not including the day they are brought to the shelter) to allow plenty of time for their owner to claim them. Surrenders are held for 24 hours. After each hold period, the animal is given an exam and made available for adoption. As long as the animal is adoptable, it will be here until we find it a forever home!

You can also check out the Scotts Bluff County Rehoming Animals Facebook Group to help you find a home for your pet.