21 Dogs seized on March 4, 2024

Posted: Mar 7, 2024

Thank you to our community for all of your messages and requests for how you can help. We are still working through the intakes on the 21 dogs that were seized on March 4 and brought in.  There are many ways you can help! Monetary donations are always helpful. If you would prefer to purchase items that we need, we have a wish list on our website with links to both Amazon and chewy. If you wish to drop off donations and we aren't open, there is a shed by the front door where you can leave items.

We ask that you not inquire about availability on these animals. These dogs will not be available for adoption until the court case is completed. We may need fosters, however that won't be until full assessments are done and with permission from the county attorney who is handling the case. 

Since these dogs filled up all of our available kennels in impound, we are asking if you find a dog running loose, if you are able to hang on to it and post it on Facebook that will be extremely helpful. You can also call Communications to let them know that you found an animal.

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