Pet Food - Give or Receive

Posted: Sep 21, 2023

Our local pet food pantry, Skipper’s Cupboard is no longer in service. We want to thank Skipper’s Cupboard for all that they have done for pet owners in our community. 

We know that we cannot run a pet food pantry at their scale, but we are wanting to help to the best of our ability. 

For those that are not aware of how our donated food process worked: Any food that was not able to be used at PHS was directly donated to Skipper’s Cupboard. This allowed us to pay it forward and allow the donated items to be given to others in need. 

With Skipper’s Cupboard no longer in service, PHS will be allowing pet owners who need food to come by the shelter during our open hours to pick up food for their pets. PHS will not be able to deliver food. We are wanting to help provide the best that we can but we cannot guarantee that we will have the brand or type of food that pet owner’s may need/want. We also are not able to deliver the food, you will have to come to PHS and pick it up. 

PHS will be giving out any food that is not used for the animals in the shelter so we cannot guarantee that we will have food to donate to pet owners available at all times. 

If you would like to donate for this cause please bring any food that is in its original packaging (opened or not). 

If you would like to donate for the animals in the shelter, we accept cat and dog treats (any brand), cat and dog wet food (any brand), and cat and dog dry food that is Purina brand. We keep the shelter animals on one brand of food to help decrease digestion issues such as vomiting and diarrhea.